Why Attend?

The Column5 EMEA EPM Summit is the only event in EMEA focused on SAP EPM exclusively. You will find:

  • Premium EPM Educational Content
  • SAP EPM Solution Benchmarking
  • SAP EPM Community Networking

Premium EPM Educational Content

Although Column5 offers a number of free EPM educational resources, we have answered the call from the SAP EPM community who have asked for an enhanced level of content. The Column5 EMEA EPM Summit offers over 20 hours of expanded EPM content in three tracks: Business Functional, Technical, and Executive.

Other events feature a few BPC or FC sessions with content presented by multiple SAP partners. In a multiple-partner event, EPM implementation and enhancement experts are not willing to share proprietary IP that can dramatically improve the customer experience. By driving the content for the EPM Summit, Column5 has the freedom to deliver high-value, premium EPM content that is not available anywhere else.

EPM customers typically pay upwards of tens of thousands in annual maintenance for SAP EPM products. This enhanced EPM educational content can lower your total cost of ownership and make your organisation more independent.

EPM Solution Benchmarking

Our past Summit attendees continue to tell us that our events give them benchmarks in both a “big picture” and tactical view. Benchmarking can deliver deep insights about a company’s performance and help you identify gaps and improvement opportunities.

Measuring your solution against your peers’ to gain insights into key performance metrics can be invaluable. This event allows you to compare your solution with other organisations and best practice scenarios to help you chart your organisation’s course.

This year, we are enhancing our benchmarking rewards by inviting all Summit registrants to enhance their return on investment by participating in the SAP BPC Benchmarking Study and the  EPMi Corporate Centre Performance Management Study. By taking part in these ground-breaking benchmark studies you will receive a precise measurement of how your organisation stacks up to the rest of the BPC community from a system and process perspective and exclusive data released only at the Summit that you can share within your organisation throughout the year.

EPM Community Networking

Column5’s annual EPM Summit brings together SAP EPM, FC, and BPC experts who have built a community dedicated to learning and advancing EPM excellence. Although there are a number of associations and events, there is only one event dedicated solely to SAP BPC, SAP FC, and SAP EPM. Navigating the larger, diluted events and association functions can make it difficult for EPM enthusiasts to find each other and create relationships.

In addition to customers demonstrating EPM excellence, we will also be joined by an EPM expert from SAP as well as our top resources and implementation experts from EMEA. Everyone you meet online and in London is a member of the SAP BPC and/or SAP FC community and can expand your list of valuable BPC and BFC resources and peers.