Performance Tuning for NetWeaver (Hands-on Workshop)

14 May 2018

Performance Tuning for NetWeaver (Hands-on Workshop)

Despite a generally positive experience with BPC, most users desire better overall performance. Attend this session for practical lessons you can apply to improve your system performance.

Exercises will include:
• EPM Client Performance tuning
o EPM Client Logging
• UJStat
o Enable Logging
o Understanding the logs
o Disable / Removing old logs
• Additional Logging options for performance / Housekeeping
• Monitoring transactions for performance

Who should attend:
• IT-centric/technical personnel who support SAP BPC v10.1 on the NetWeaver or HANA technology stack
• Participants are expected to have Basis, minor BW, and basic database (HANA / SQL/ Oracle) technical skills

Equipment required: Please bring a laptop (and charger!) for use during this session.