Mastering BPC Boot Camps

BPC Logic + BPC 10.x Reporting + Analysis for Office


Come and join three focused days (immediately following the Summit) to learn key aspects of SAP BPC skills development. All registrants for the Boot Camps will receive FREE access to the EMEA Summit. You will have the option to choose one of the following three Boot Camps:

21 -23 June (Wednesday through Friday, 9 am to 5:30 pm) – the three days following the EMEA EPM Leadership Summit

Royal Over-Seas League, Park Place, St James’s Street, London, SW1A 1LR

Column5 Training: What Sets Us Apart

Our Mastering EPM Boot Camps are designed to allow you to gain and retain deep knowledge and become an expert in these key areas of SAP BPC. Going into greater depth than traditional administration training and supported by providing FREE access for 3 months after the course to Column5’s unique on-demand and interactive eLearning for SAP BPC, enabling you to revise and lock-in your knowledge acquisition after attending the boot camp.

Training allows you to:

  • Achieve long-term independence in the running of your BPC applications
  • Lower your cost of maintenance and support
  • Significantly improve SAP BPC performance and functional capability

Our hands-on courses present students with practical applications for newly acquired knowledge in a real BPC environment, presentations that explore key concepts and live demonstrations detailing real world scenarios. Course materials and supporting documentation for the Mastering EPM Courses have been compiled from years of proven field consulting experience implementing and improving BPC solutions and will be provided to all attendees to these courses.

Students should have some familiarity with BPC Administration and Technical Administration concepts prior to attending the boot camps. Contact Sunil Kapur for more information.

nasba_logoContinuing Professional Education

We will also issue an attendance certificate for both of the courses to enable you to register the course as part of your annual CPE training.

Please contact our specialist for more information: Sunil Kapur

To register for either BPC 10.x Reporting, BPC Logic, or Analysis for Office Boot Camps click on this link.