BPC Logic Boot Camp

21-23 June (the 3 days immediately following Summit)

£1,350, plus 20% VAT.  All registrants will also receive FREE access to the EMEA Summit as well as 3 months of access to Column5’s on-demand BPC Logic eLearning for additional training available 24/7.

Performance for BPC solutions hinges on an ability to run vital business rules efficiently. Similarly, the cost of ownership can skyrocket when internal teams cannot manage those critical calculations without calling in an external consulting team. Given the importance of BPC logic to the overall success and maintenance of your solution, comprehensive training on BPC logic can be difficult to find. Through presentations, demonstrations, and hands-on workshops involving real-world scenarios, we enable attendees at our Boot Camp to gain a deeper understanding of advanced logic principals, empower them to write their own logic, and troubleshoot existing logic.

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Students should be familiar with BPC Administration concepts prior to attending this course. This course is platform neutral and will be applicable for organisations running BPC 10.x for NetWeaver and HANA or Microsoft.


  • Overview of different logic types and uses
  • Script Logic
    • Overview, considerations, and best practices
    • Introduction to SQL script logic and how this method works behind the scenes
    • SQL script logic syntax
    • Mastering script logic scoping
    • Referencing variables
    • Performance tuning
    • Multi Model logic
  • Allocation Engine
    • Understanding allocation engine structure and syntax
    • Scoping allocations
    • Allocations based on a stored factor
    • Allocations based on store data (calculating the allocation factor)
    • Driver based calculations
    • Data copies and moves
    • Building an offset to an allocation
  • Business Rules
    • Overview, considerations, and configuration
    • Configuring account-based calculations
    • Configuring currency translation

SAP BusinessObjects Planning & Consolidation (BPC) includes many types of logic. At its most basic level, logic allows for the development of unique calculations and data movements that can be customized to address specific business requirements. Logic provides extremely powerful functionality, yet it remains one of the most misunderstood aspects of BPC. Many avoid writing logic by using Excel formulas to perform calculations, which often can negatively impact BPC performance and limit BPC’s effectiveness.


The BPC 10.x Logic Boot Camp focuses exclusively on interacting with different types of BPC logic. We teach attendees basic and advanced logic principals to understand and troubleshoot existing logic, as well as write logic. Our course includes in-depth instruction and hands-on exercises on a variety of topics including script logic, allocations, and business rules, along with best practices and tips.

BPC 10.x Logic Boot Camp, which takes place over 21 hours, is comprised of presentations, demonstrations, and hands-on workshops. Presentations explore key concepts and provide clear instructions, while live demonstrations offer real world scenarios. This hands-on, engaging and interactive course also allows students manipulate and test solutions in a real BPC environment to directly apply what they’re learning. Supporting documentation and course materials have been compiled from years of proven field experience implementing and improving BPC solutions and is provided in soft copy to all attendees (includes course materials, Column5 whitepapers, best practices, and tips and tricks).