BPC 10.x Reporting Boot Camp

21-23 June (the 3 days immediately following Summit)

£1,350, plus 20% VAT.  All registrants will also receive FREE access to the EMEA Summit, EPM Summit Online, as well as 3 months of access to Column5’s on-demand BPC 10.x Reporting eLearning for additional training.

Knowledgeable and confident users are essential to the success of an implementation, as well as the key to any organisation’s ability to recognise significant value from their investment. Column5’s exhaustive three-day, BPC 10.x Reporting Boot Camp gives users a comprehensive toolbox for building dynamic reports and input schedules in the EPM Add-in for Excel interface. Our training, applicable to both the Microsoft and NetWeaver platforms, begins with basic reporting considerations and moves onto advanced reporting topics. With the tools to efficiently use the EPM Add-in for Excel, users have more time for analysis and spend less time mechanizing spreadsheets.

Royal Over-Seas League

Attendees will typically be BPC Administrators and Power Users. No prior experience with the EPM Add-in for Excel is required.


Day 1:

  • Overview of Planning and Consolidation
  • Overview of the EPM Add-in for Excel Interface
  • Logging in and connecting to a model
  • Creating reports using multiple methods
  • Saving reports and input forms locally and to the BPC server
  • Understanding the context and context options
  • Understanding selection relationships
  • Suppressing empty rows and columns
  • Adding calculations to reports and input forms
  • Data submission and input forms best practices

Day 2:

  • Sorting, filtering, and ranking data
  • Creating multidimensional reports and adding calculations
  • Expanding and collapsing hierarchies
  • Using Keep/Exclude functionality
  • Automatic Worksheet Generation
  • Customizing member names
  • Using Offline Mode
  • Linking to other reports
  • Utilising multiple methods for saving comments to the database

Day 3:

  • Overview of commonly used EPM functions
  • Argument syntax and application of EPM functions
  • Formatting reports using the dynamic EPM Formatting Sheet
  • Applying conditional formatting to an EPM Formatting Sheet
  • Setting up axes to display specific information
  • Creating rolling forecasts that are dynamic to user selection using EPM Functions
  • Best practice formatting
  • Adding VBA commands
  • Adding Refresh and Save Data buttons to reports and input forms
  • Advanced reports using EPM Functions

The EPM Add-in for Excel interface provides users with powerful tools for creating dynamic reports and input schedules; however, its potential can go unrealised if users do not have the skills or confidence to fully utilise it. Without more detailed knowledge of this interface’s many options and complex functionality, users can become easily frustrated.

BPC 10.x Reporting training provides users with all of the tools they need to begin building dynamic BPC reports and input forms in the EPM Add-in for Excel interface. This packed course covers everything from logging in, key terminology, and the Report Editor to more advanced reporting topics such as adding calculations to reports and input forms, using EPM Functions, EPM Formatting, and much more.

BPC 10.x Reporting, which takes place over 21 hours, is comprised of presentations, demonstrations, and hands-on workshops. Presentations explore key concepts and provide clear instructions, while live demonstrations offer real world scenarios. This hands-on, engaging and interactive course also allows students to experiment and build multiple reports and input forms in a real BPC environment to directly apply what they’re learning. Supporting documentation and course materials have been compiled from years of proven field experience implementing and improving BPC solutions and is provided in soft copy to all attendees (includes course materials, Column5 whitepapers, best practices, and tips and tricks).