EMEA EPM Leadership Summit
The only dedicated SAP EPM user conference in EMEA

14 - 16 May, 2018 - London

Featuring more than 20 in-person sessions delivered over the course of 2 days, the Column5 EMEA EPM Leadership Summit has expert sessions for each of our content tracks: Business Functional, Technical and Executive covering all of the key SAP EPM solutions, SAP BPC, SAP BFC, SAP Disclosure Management, SAP FIM and BusinessObjects Cloud. Multiple end-user plenary presentations are also included that will detail end-user experience with BPC, BFC, and other SAP EPM components, as well as experts from the SAP EPM Centre of Excellence looking at the future of SAP EPM. The expert sessions and networking opportunities make this the only SAP EPM focused user event of the year in EMEA with comprehensive coverage of all the key SAP EPM solutions.

This year we are excited to announce that hands-on training workshops on key SAP EPM products, including the new SAP EPM Reporting tool, Analysis for Office, will be offered before and immediately after the Summit! Attendees of this SAP EPM training automatically qualify for attendance at the EMEA EPM Summit and a one-year subscription to our quarterly virtual events offered through EPM Summit Online. 

EMEA EPM Summit 2017 (2 Days)
500.00 GBP

19-20 June, 2017

£500 + 20% VAT for up to 5 delegates from the same organisation.






Which Track Are You?

  • Business Functional  Track focused on users and administrators that are hands-on with BPC and BFC.  Topics include features & functions, logic, report writing, tips & tricks, troubleshooting, project considerations, etc. These sessions are designed to help develop deeper skills with the BPC and BFC solutions and are presented by BPC and BFC experts.
  • Technical  – Content covers critical information about the platform, stability, performance, and technical landscape & configurations. Topics covered include concepts related to performance tuning, disaster recovery, installations, integrations, troubleshooting for both Microsoft and NetWeaver versions of BPC.
  • Executive – Content built for those responsible for setting the SAP EPM agenda for the organization. Topics relate to understanding the value BPC, BFC, and EPM can and should be contributing to an organization, defining the vision for BPC and BFC, discussion of best practices around EPM processes, the roadmap to realize the vision, as well as measuring success.

SAP BPC Boot Camps

The 3 days immediately following the Summit (21-23 June), there is also the opportunity to further develop your expertise with our hands-on, Mastering BPC Boot Camps. Over 20 hours of deep and detailed instruction are offered in each of the three Boot Camp workshops:

All registrants for the Boot Camps will receive FREE access to the EMEA EPM Summit as well as a years’ worth of access to EPM Summit – Online which currently hosts 110 hours of premium content available on-demand 24/7.

BPC 10.x Reporting Boot Camp: Knowledgeable and confident users are essential to the success of an implementation, as well as the key to any organisation’s ability to recognize significant value from their investment. Column5’s exhaustive three-day, BPC 10.X Reporting training gives users a comprehensive toolbox for building dynamic reports and input schedules in the EPM Add-in for Excel interface. Our training, applicable to both the Microsoft and NetWeaver platforms, begins with basic reporting considerations and moves onto advanced reporting topics. With the tools to efficiently use the EPM Add-in for Excel, users have more time for analysis and spend less time mechanizing spreadsheets. The price of this course also includes free entry to the EPM Summit, EPM Summit Online, as well as 3 months access to the BPC 10.x Reporting on-demand eLearning.

BPC Reporting Boot Camp
(3 Days)
1,350.00 GBP

21-23 June, 2017

Includes FREE access to the EMEA EPM Summit, EPM Summit Online, as well as access to Column5’s unique on-demand eLearning for BPC Reporting (3 months).


BPC Logic Boot Camp: Performance for BPC solutions hinges on an ability to run vital business rules efficiently. Similarly, the cost of ownership can skyrocket when internal teams cannot manage those critical calculations without calling in an external consulting team. Given the importance of BPC logic to the overall success and maintenance of your solution, comprehensive training on BPC logic can be difficult to find. Three days looking in depth at the different types of BPC logic and appropriate uses, tuning, and optimisation, with hands-on case studies for Script Logic, the Allocation Engine, and Business Rules. The price of this course also includes free entry to the EPM Summit, EPM Summit Online, as well as 3 months access to the BPC 10.x Reporting on-demand eLearning.

BPC Logic Boot Camp
(3 Days)
1,350.00 GBP

21-23 June, 2017

Includes FREE access to the EMEA EPM Summit, EPM Summit Online, as well as access to Column5’s unique on-demand eLearning Logic course (3 months).

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Analysis for Office Boot Camp: The EPM Add-in and Analysis for Office are merging to form one SAP Excel Plug-in. Many BPC users are familiar with the robust and powerful features/benefits of using the EPM Add-in. Analysis for Office (AO) is a business intelligence (BI) and multi-dimensional data analysis tool that makes it easy to filter and manipulate data, identify trends and outliers right within Excel. AO allows you to share and present findings in live PowerPoint presentations with a direct connection to your various data sources – BPC, BW, HANA and other sources. Today, AO is the Plug-in that is used for BPC Embedded (strongly recommended) and BPC Optimized for S/4HANA Finance (required) implementations. Soon, you will have the best of both worlds as SAP combines Features and Functions from both tools into one Excel Plug-in. Join us for a full day hands-on workshop to explore the latest features, tips and tricks with the current version of SAP BusinessObjects Analysis for Microsoft Office. We will also provide an update on the convergence roadmap and discuss the best options based on several use cases. All registrants for this course will receive free access to the “Deep dive into SAP BPC 10.1 NetWeaver Embedded on Friday 23 June. The price of this course also includes free entry to the EPM Summit as well as EPM Summit Online.

Analysis for Office
Boot Camp
(2 Days)
950.00 GBP

21-22 June, 2017

This course also includes a FREE “Deep dive into SAP BPC 10.1 NetWeaver Embedded” on Friday, 23 June.

Includes FREE access to the EMEA EPM Summit and EPM Summit Online.


Our in-person format, unique event space, and conference activities allow attendees to personally interact with users, industry and product experts, network with peers and experts from other organisations using SAP BPC and SAP EPM and take their EPM knowledge and community resource base to a deeper level.


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